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Fafnir was constructed almost a decade before Melira became a writer in Vale. Hot. 954 notes. Airborne vehicles include enormous passenger Airships, agile VTOL aircraft known as Bullheads, and hoverboards. Follow/Fav Black Dragon. However, man discovered a power that would help them combat the forces of darkness; they named their newly discovered power, Dust, after that from which they were formed. The people were wary of the trio sitting in the back, who were just relaxing. The Kingdoms of Remnant are inspired and take elements from real world countries and cultures. The majority of these warlords are Faunus, who forefathers rose up … Solitas is the northernmost continent of Remnant on which the Kingdom of Atlas is located. By: ThatSaiyaGuy. The narration of "Kingdoms" implies that the future of Humanity is heavily contingent upon the continued cooperation of the Four Kingdoms. guys I found salem. RWBY by Night Selene_Sokal. There never appears to be animosity from men towards women or women towards men on the basis of sex. Why does no one ever talk about it in series? After they refused, she tried to force the issue, only to be cursed with immortality. The narration in "Ruby Rose" states that the early history of Remnant has been long forgotten, with recollections being passed down in the form of myths and legends. edit subscriptions. The God of Darkness is still creating them from his body). The powers and responsibilities of these councils, as well as how members are appointed, are not stated. Press J to jump to the feed. She used it to occasionally travel, visiting small villages and the other three kingdoms. … By: ElysiaDreaming. While I could be in the Kingdom of Mistral, again I doubted it for the same reasons as I did Sanus. So we know that people lived on the Dragon continent and maybe still do from the red villages in WoR Vale, the CCT station that exists on its... jump to content. Vytal is the name of the island to the north of Vale. Once they "left" Remnant, they turned there own bodies into the land (This could also explain why you see Grimm being birthed from pools in Salem's land. Humanity existed alongside their creators for ages until a time when a young woman named Salem confronted the Gods, demanding that they return her lost love, Ozma to them. What I find interesting about the shot from the latest episode is that one of the two continents that resembled dragons has had its draconic features muted. Dragons. Summary: A smut ridden fiction based on the RWBY universe, only the girls are all packing dicks. Robotics is an advanced field in Remnant – Penny is the first synthetic being capable of producing an Aura. The caves are position deep underground beneath an enormous lush forest. Rising. Conflict also arose between the Humans and the subjugated Faunus, eventually sparking the Faunus Rights Revolution. Advanced personal electronics are also commonplace. By KaijuAlpha1point0 Watch. The mining of Dust would continue to be a major industry, leading to the rise of large enterprises such as the Schnee Dust Company. 17 votes, 14 comments. During their fight, the Wyvern and Cinder destroy the top of Beacon Tower, disabling the Cross Continental Transmit System. Team RWBY finds themselves in a strange, new world where Grimm are nonexistent and magic is commonplace. my subreddits. There's something conspicuous about their colors, and their locations. Dragons (ドラゴン, Doragon) are a race of one of the most powerful creatures in Tales of RWBY series. This planet was a beautiful experiment, but it is merely a remnant of what it once was. Vytal is the name of the island t… SanusSolitasAnimaMenagerie Atlas is on the continent of Solitas. The Kingdom of Atlas is known to maintain a sizable military force, fielding a large air fleet, as well as robotic soldiers and mechs. I currently have three chapters on (Dragon) Mreader X RWBY 2. Also, for the location of the school, I'm thinking of using one of the two smaller islands next to the mouth of the dragon. Historyman 14 said: It could be very interesting if the COG, after getting a first look at Faunus, don't have anything against them as long as those who live under the COG banner uphold the Octus Canon, server the State, and the right for citizenship after severing within the Military, to be Gears. Memes Old Reddit. User account menu. Se rendre sur un autre continent ne sera pas si facile, et la question qui se pose à tout le monde n’est pas de savoir « si » les choses vont mal se passer … mais « quand ». In the continent of Anima, Grimm Warlords in the North and West banded together in a Military-Confederation, called the Confederation of Dragons. “Kinda kills the northwest continent theory, though.” It seemed logical that they might have come upon a settlement on the shore of the least explored continent on Remnant. The Kingdom of Atlas, in particular, is known for its technological advances in numerous fields. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Gods then elected to leave, with the God of Darkness destroying the moon in the process, taking magic with them, leaving this world and its inhabitants a mere remnant of what they once were. [4] He reveals and explains his first drafts of the map starting at around 9:00 in the video. Hot New Top Rising. So what's up with it? But life is such a fragile thing, easily extinguished by a sudden onslaught of darkness. Continue browsing in r/RWBY. After the end of the War and the defeat of this subjugation, the practice continued into the present day, and virtually all citizens of Remnant have names derived from colors. Mistral is on the continent of Anima. rwby-remnants-silver-eye-warrior: “ deanandcastrash: “ sadgirly2001: “ punchymediator: “ bbywooyoungie: “ lala-the-rebel: “ under-the-blue-moonlight: “ comic-five-hargreeves-official: “... Design Your Life for You — Everyone that reblogs this post by July 5th 2019... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Anime/Manga RWBY. A pixel art map of Remnant, featuring locations of places and kingdoms, from the Official. This name generator will give you 10 random names for continents, of course these names will also work quite well as country, nation, kingdom, and realm names, and pretty much any other type of land mass, but these names are more tuned toward continents. popular-all -random-users | AskReddit-news-funny-pics-gaming-aww-worldnews-videos-todayilearned-mildlyinteresting-tifu-gifs-TwoXChromosomes-Showerthoughts-Jokes-movies-sports-IAmA … History: After the Fall of the Grimm Empire, it slip into three rump-states. —Raixus explaining about Dragons to Yang, until Blake interrupted him. Wiki. Apart from Huntsmen, conventional militaries are also known to exist, but not all of the Kingdoms keep standing armies. The population of Remnant in the modern era is stated to be in the millions by Oscar Pine during his argument with James Ironwood in "The Enemy of Trust". "I will remember your slights against me Roman," Cinder said coldly. Vale and Vacuo are located on the continent called Sanus. As for Salem, I think it's pretty clear that she's connected to the grimm somehow, and given the unusual landscape around her, it seems to be unlike any place we have seen or heard of on Remnant before. Comment. There is a significant amount of discrimination towards Faunus in Remnant's past and present. I call no coincidence. I don't own RWBY or their plot, those are owned by Rooster Teeth (as if you didn't already know). The dragon-shaped continent in the northwest has yet to be named, or even mentioned, either in the main story or in any World Of Remnant episodes. The Kingdom of Atlas represents two different versions of America with Mantle representing the cities and Atlas representing technology. Small villages and nomadic communities do exist outside of the territories of the main Kingdoms, though they are noted as being far more vulnerable to Grimm attacks. In truth, before it was called that, Remnant was originally seeded by the God of Light and God of Darkness as part of an unexplained experiment. The Gods eventually created Humanity as a joint project to bridge their differences. By: azndrgn. Within Vale are several settlements including the main city of Vale, the island of Patch as well as several coastal cities. neopoliitan. Stories scattered through time. In the World of Remnant episode, "Kingdoms", a brief description is given on how the Kingdoms are governed - each Kingdom has a governing council that represents the needs of their people. RWBY: A Rooster Teeth Production r/ RWBY. In the current day, most people live within the four Kingdoms - Vale, Mistral, Atlas and Vacuo. The story begins with Weiss being captured by Raven's tribe. Type Kingdoms Creatures of darkness and destruction. Summary: ... A Vampire Hunter was bad news, especially one notable enough that the Dragon of Thebes was concerned about him. Jaunexharem. During the Great War, attempts by tyrannical oppressors to limit individualism and self-expression were met by a violent backlash from the populace. Index Rules FAQ Episode Discussions Word of God Repo. What would you call it and how does it fit in? Continent name generator . Angry and frustrated, Salem spread the word to the various kingdoms that they could overthrow the Gods, and take their powers for themselves. Tous à bord de l’Argus Limited! A sequel to my other book that I wrote and picks up where I left off I don't own RWBY. Remnant was previously called Vytal. 79.1K 1.3K 1.1K. RWBY: Pronounced Ruby. I've kindof decided to eliminate all the drama from Vol.3, so some of the canon characters will be in it, but besides that it'll be mostly OC. Oct 20, 2017 3 min read. Other known landmasses include Menagerie, the continent to the bottom right. Within the Kingdom is the City of Atlas, based around Atlas Academy, as well as the city of Mantle, the former capital of the Kingdom.. Solitas has a cold climate, which makes it mostly inhospitable to both Humans and Grimm.It's described as easy to get lost in, especially in its tundras. Armed with Dust, described as "Nature's Wrath", mankind was able to turn the tide against the Grimm. The visual style of Mistral is inspired by Eastern cultures as well as the city of Ba Sing Se from, The Kingdom was described as "The America of Remnant" and compared to the products of. The field of robotics, as well as artificial intelligence, is incredibly advanced in Remnant with Atlesian combat androids used throughout the world. That, or I was very far into the future or past, and the continents now look different than they did in the canon. View Entire Discussion (16 Comments) More posts from the RWBY community. Dragon Ball Z + RWBY Crossover. After witnessing Cinder killing Pyrrha, Ruby Rose unleashes her Silver Eyes in grief. The City of Vale was designed with old European architecture in mind. The Vytal Festival is an event at which the diverse cultures of Remnant are celebrated. Mistral looks like a girl with a sword on her back and cape blowing in the air. Jaune, formerly known as Arc, is banished from the family. The four Kingdoms of Remnant are Vale (center), Vacuo (west), Atlas (north) and Mistral (east). Grimm, threatened man and man's creations. Dragon Continent. Salem's grimmscape must be on that continent. Each of the Kingdoms has its own distinct culture - for example, Atlas is known for its martial nature and technological advancement, and Vacuo for its rough-and-tumble lifestyle. My theory is that both the western and eastern dragon continents are actually the bodies of the God of Light and the God of Darkness who first created the planet. One such legend is the existence of the Maidens, holders of an immense power that is passed down from generation to generation. Remnant has a long, rich history that has been lost to the current inhabitants, hinted at by the quote, "Legends. Since the Faunus War, in which they gained freedom by law, Faunus have continued to face discrimination and exploitation from Humans. Remnant has a vibrant culture owing to the diversity of its inhabitants. It is said he pulled the continent's apart, and fought against the Grimm Queen singlehandedly. This got Humanity to rebel against their creators, but when they attempted to confront them, the God of Darkness effortlessly wiped them all out, save for Salem. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Shadow of Night (Dragon Faunus Reader X Velv... 35.6K 435 92. Ashen Jade arises from the darkness, and with it the spark of hope. Remnant: The Game is a strategy board game based on a map of Remnant. Related Tags. If Remnant has no satellites to send images of the world back to their version of NASA, how is an unexplored Dragon Continent … Thoughts, Not really for an AU. Posts . In doing so, they protect those who cannot protect themselves from the dangers of Remnant. Following the Great War, Huntsman Academies, such as Beacon Academy, were created to train Huntsmen and Huntresses, warriors whose sole purpose was to combat the Grimm using a combination of powerful weapons, Aura and Dust. Now … Although Menagerie is not officially recognized as a Kingdom, it is shown to have a core city and external settlements and its own map color. Communication and data transmission over vast distances are also possible through the use of the Cross Continental Transmit System. Remnant is the future-fantasy world of RWBY, with airships, gadgets, high-tech weaponry and a form of natural energy called Dust existing side by side. I'm hoping to include it as a location for a new academy, does anyone have any name suggestions for the school's name and the. Fafnir is the name Melira Goldstein's personal airship. Follow/Fav Jaune Ryu-Long, the Dragon Contractor. 6 Favourites. That dragon grimm showing up. The CCTS was created by the Kingdom of Atlas following the Great War as a gift to enable the Kingdoms to communicate with each other. card. His creation of the map started with him going to IHOP and squirting ketchup on a napkin then randomizing the blots to form the continents, which he then scanned and edited via Photoshop as a base for the world map. It would have explained the general ignorance of the people there along with the unknown elements they had run across, and the theory was further fueled by some of the banners having a stylized dragon on them. Please don't comment on threads, blogs, or comment chains that haven't been touched in more than three months. Map with city locations and Kingdom borders. Follow/Fav Remnant's Saiyan. Geography Atlas is on the continent of Solitas. "But for now, I shall view these worlds. But when he arrives at Atlas, to see how the great kingdom runs it's academy, and enrolls at its school, he is not very welcome. Monty also stated that he textured the World Map by taking different pictures of food. Two different futuristic looks. An unknown continent, with a Midnight Blue region (or pair of regions), located in the very West of Remnant. Exploring Cut Concepts | RWBY Rewind: Vol 6, Ch 2, Exploring Cut Concepts RWBY Rewind: Vol 6, Ch 2, The power to form a contract with the most powerful of Remnant. So I was left with the dragon-shaped continent. The different foods he used included mashed potatoes, steaks, ice cream, bread, corn, cereal, ramen, shrimp, tacos, pizza, lettuce and possibly bacon. By contrast, Remnant appears to be a very egalitarian world when it comes to the sexes, as seen at Beacon Academy. Monty revealed his design in Rooster Teeth's 191st podcast on November 14th, 2012. BlakexRen, with a whole load of worldbuilding because Remnant is so mysterious. Each of the four Kingdoms has a unique identity and this distinctive character is encouraged by events such as the Vytal Festival, where the people of Remnant gather to celebrate their cultures. It would make sense that "Dragon Island" would be a centre for grimm activity as there are no kingdoms there, plus I imagine that's where Kevin is from for obvious reasons. The world map of RWBY was created by Monty Oum in 2012. Large human-controlled mechanical suits, such as the Atlesian Paladin-290 are also produced by Atlas. When his daughters find about, Atlas is in for a world of hurt. In terms of transportation, land-based transports include standard motor vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles and trains, as well as non-motor vehicles, such as bicycles. Prosthetics are also used by the general population, with incredible ranges of cybernetics available, from cybernetic limbs to eyes or full body torsos. I am currently writing a RWBY fanfiction called "RWBY: Dragons of Remnant" which is basically an AU involving the Huntsmen and Huntresses you all know and love as dragons. Players control one of the four Kingdoms and aim to eliminate other players. Unique expressions of these abilities which are specific to individuals are known as Semblances. Guy ... SPAM- Guy Fawkes Special What, have people tried to colonize it but all mysteriously vanished/died when they tried? My theory is that both the western and eastern dragon continents are actually the bodies of the God of Light and the God of Darkness who first created the planet. A blinding white light envelops the Wyvern, which "freezes" it … Argus is primarily inspired by both Greece and San Francisco.

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