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How to Use Weighted … Have a question or need some help? The OTvest is designed to provide deep pressure directly into the sensory receptors of the muscles in the shoulder girdle, which has been shown to provide a calming, focusing effect upon individuals and increase attention-to-task. weight insert: $164.95. If you would like to MAIL PAYMENT, click here for a mailing form. Size Large or size 20 and up (Youth/Teen/Adult Large) with 4 lb. Tel: (508) 872-9494 • (800) 257-5376 A patented, highly effective design for the application of deep pressure. Fits most children of about 7-9 years of age (for taller children than 6x) who weigh between 55 to 105 pounds with chest measurement up to 34" (vests measures 36"), and whose collar to waist measurement is about 14" to 18", or ADULTS with chest measurement up to 34" and under 110 lbs. Size Medium, size 14-18 (Youth/Teen/Adult Medium) with 4 lb. weight insert:  $119.95. Typical times to use a weighted product include: Types of weighted products available: Consult with an occupational therapist to determine what type of weighted product to use, the amount of weight to use, and to develop a wearing schedule. (2001)]. What is a Weighted Vest? OTvest, LLC (2001)]. Read full article Best Weighted Vest for Beginners +1 colors/patterns Tone Fitness Weighted Vest… We use priority mail, with 2-3 day USA delivery). weight insert: $134.95. Fits most children of about 9-11 years of age to adults who weigh between 75 to 120 pounds with chest measurement up to 36" (vest measures 40"), and whose collar to waist measurement is about 16" to 20". The Use of Weighted Vests in Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practice. OT Guidelines for Weighted Vests | Livestrong.com Weighted vests and weighted blankets are widely reported to have various benefits … The guideline that occupational therapists needs to remember is that the weight needs to only be 10% of the child’s weight … Portage, MI  49024. Weighted vests or weighted blankets are popular sensory-based interventions used with people with these conditions. The OTvest patented design is based on the experience of the creator, Nancy … We want to hear from you and answer questions. While studies have shown that there are definite benefits to training with a weighted vest, there are disadvantages to using these vests … 100s of fabulous fine motor, handwriting, left handed, … The OTvest is designed using an amount of weight that has been found effective [VandenBerg, N.L. High necked design prevents slipping off the shoulders and keeps the weights in place. Children cannot remove the weights to fidget with them or lose them. Click through for more information on Therapro's COVID-19 response. Size XL - XXL (Youth/Teen/Adult) with 6 lb. SHIPPING: Shipping is added on the page directed to after you submit the order, and is 10% (add 35% for Canada and 45% internationally. These premium weighted vests are made in the USA and come in … weight insert: $119.95. I have heard countless parents ask how they can make a weighted vest for their child. The OTvest, denim weighted vest is designed/patented by an OT, whose training in sensory and neurological function influenced the IMPORTANT weight placement in the OTvest, and whose research … Occupational Therapy Weighted Vest Protocol The use of weighted vests in pediatric occupational therapy practice was researched to determine if there is an unwritten occupational therapy weighted … Weighted vests can be an effective sensory diet tool for providing proprioceptive input and a calming, organizing effect for many children! Fits most children of about 3-4 years of age or children who weigh between 25 to 35 pounds, with chest measurement up to 26",  (vest measures 30") and whose collar to waist measurement is about 11" to 13". Weighted vests allow joint compressions throughout the upper half of the body, mainly in areas of the shoulders and spine. The vest should be applied correctly, as shown by the OT… High quality durable and stylish denim vest that does not look therapeutic. RETURN POLICY: We guarantee your satisfaction, offering return for exchange or refund. Fits most children of about 4-5 years of age or children who weigh between 35 to 45 pounds, with chest measurement up to 28" (vest measures 32"), and whose collar to waist measurement is about 12" to 14". Shipping charges are non-refundable. In these cases, it may be best to wait and put the vest on just as the activity is … Contact us via email for exact international shipping. Weighted vests look pretty much like battle armor, and you normally see them on guys who make a point to pant loud enough for the entire gym to hear. 4646 Wishing Well Ct. denim vest with a removable, high tenacity nylon covered weight unit that can be wiped down to clean/sanitize. The OTvest, weighted vest is non-invasive and will not cause harm utilized according to size indications based upon wearer’s body weight (approx. People of all ages like the denim Weighted Vest as it appears to just be a fashion statement on the outside, but serves as therapy on the inside. The weight placement in the patented OTvest is very important. Less weight is necessary to be effective when placed around the shoulder-girdle, as compared to other weighted vests using more weight within pockets or around the bottom of the vest. Average Rating: … Weight within the OTvest lies directly ON the body. A weighted vest wearing schedule is provided that can be discreetly posted as a reminder to staff and/or child. Each wearer is unique, however, and the weighted vest should be used under the guidance or suggestion of an occupational or physical therapist, and worn under adult supervision. weight insert: $134.95. Hyperwear Weighted Vest Hyper Vest Elite Weight Vest for Men Women Thin Adjustable 10lbs-20lbs Real Steel Weights Included for Running, Training, Work Out, Walking Exercise - Black Reflective Cordura 4.7 … The amount of weight used in the OTvest is based upon the research published in The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, and in Pediatric Issues in Occupational Therapy: A Compendium of Leading Scholarship by Nancy VandenBerg, MS, OTR. info @ therapro.com, Copyright © 1999new Date().getFullYear()>2010&&document.write("-"+new Date().getFullYear());, Therapro, Inc. | Privacy Policy. Or at least heavier. Weighted devices have been used in occupational therapy settings for decades with success, thus why we continue to talk about them! NOTE: for those with movement disorders, 6 lbs. Fits older children to adults who weigh between 110 to 165 pounds with chest measurement up to 42" (vest measures 44") and whose collar to waist measurement is about 16" to 21". Home | About Us | Learn | FAQ | Testimonials |Links | Order | Submit Your Story. A weighted vest is a wearable garment with the capability of holding weight, typically a vest with sewn internal pockets where small ½ or ¼ pound weights can be … Observation: The Occupational Therapist should periodically observe the child while he/she is … Henkelion Weighted Vest Weight Vest for Men Women Kids 4 6 8 12 16 Lbs Weights Included, Body Weight Vests Adjustable for Running, Training Workout, Jogging, Walking - Black Grey Pink Blue … Snap closure. weight insert: $109.95. of weight may be too much and we can customize with 4 lbs. PURCHASE ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED and can be emailed to otvest@otvest.com or faxed to 269-324-2012. The durable OTvest will last for many, many years. Fax: (508) 875-2062 • (800) 268-6624 Unlike other weighted vests, weighted blankets, or compression vests on the market, the OTvest™ is discreet and looks like normal clothing, allowing for gentle, holistic intervention whenever the wearer … denim vest, with hook/loop tape to remove for washing. Please email us at otvest@otvest.com to discuss your particular needs regarding movement disorders). The aim of this study was to investigate pediatric occupational therapists' general experience and practice with weighted vests and their impressions about whether weighted vests are effective in changing specific behaviors of children with whom they have used weighted vests… The OTvest is designed using an amount of weight that has been found effective [VandenBerg, N.L. The Weighted Vest has a calming effect upon children and adults, and provides an alternative for medication. Phone: (800) 257-5376 | Email: [email protected], Have a question or need some help? Size 5  with 2 lb. There just isnt a lot of … Fits older children to adults who weigh between 165 to 250 pounds with chest measurement from 42" up to 52" (vest measures 54") and whose collar to waist measurement is about 17" to 25". … I am a mother of a son with Autism as well as a COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant). OT Vest Weighted Denim Vest (Size 20+) is calibrated to the weight of the child so that the weights don't get played with or lost. Please call 269-329-3287 or email us at otvest@otvest.com. Weighted vests are used as a preventative measure. Fits most children of about 5-7 years of age or children who weigh between 45 to 55 pounds, with chest measurement up to 30" (vest measures 34"), and whose collar to waist measurement is about 13" to 15. Fits longer on children to cover T-shirts, and typically just below waistline on adults. This research is based on her experience with over 150 children using the vests, in addition with collaboration with other therapists.

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